The Purpose Of This Website

There are several things we would like to accomplish with this website. First, we want to alert churches to the danger lurking outside their doors. In spite of the alarming rise in fraud events and convictions, most churches remain oblivious to the danger. Due to busy schedules or the mistaken belief that such things do not take place among Christians, very, very, few churches have implemented formal fraud deterrence programs.

Which brings me to the second purpose of “Weeds in the Garden”;  to encourage churches to take action. The situation is urgent and churches that do nothing are at extreme risk.

Our third purpose is to provide resources to help churches fight the battle.



View our vast articles that give fraud prevention tips and real life stories of less fortunate churches. These articles also include valuable information that will help you gauge your churches security against fraud.

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The Fraud Awareness Church Test (FACT!) is an in-depth questionnaire that guides you through ten important fraud prevention considerations.

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